AJ Russo

Editorial + Color + Motion Graphics + Graphic Design

Documentary Film, Hunting in Wartime: Posters & DVD Case

Hunting in Wartime is the latest documentary film from director, Samantha Farinella.

Role: DVD Case and poster design.

Director: Samantha Farinella
Editor: Erin Greenwell


Documentary Film, Kate Bornstein is A Queer + Pleasant Danger: Poster

Role: Design multiple poster’s for the film.

Poster art for Sam Feder’s documentary film, Kate Bornstein is A Queer & Pleasant Danger.

Documentary Short, Sticks & Stones: Color, Graphics, and Poster

Role: Titles, Animation, Color Correction, Poster Design.

Director: Silas Howard


Demo Reel: Editorial + Motion Graphics

Demo Reel


2018 Reel




Documentary Film, Wounds of Waziristan: Poster

Role: Design Multiple posters for the film.

Poster art for Madiha Tahir’s documentary film, Wounds of Waziristan.

Documentary Film, American Autumn: Poster

The feature-length documentary film, American Autumn: An Occudoc I worked on in the spring of 2012 is getting ready to hit iTunes and Netflix in the spring of 2013. I created a new poster and DVD cover for the release.

Check out what Variety had to say about the movie.

Short Film, Blink: Poster

Role: Design multiple posters for the short film, Blink.

Directed by: Silas Howard
Cast: Heather Acs, Ben Foster, and Julia Weldon

Book Cover: Rebekah, Maxwell Zachs

Excellent project designing a book cover for Stockholm-based author, Maxwell Zachs.



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Specializing in motion graphics, editorial, and design for broadcast and film.

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