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Documentary Film, Wounds of Waziristan: 2D/3D Animation

Role: Design Multiple animations for the film.

2D/3D map animation and composite for Madiha Tahir’s documentary film, Wounds of Waziristan.

Documentary Film + Trailer, American Autumn: Titles, Animation, Edit

Role: Edit, Color Correction/Color Grade, and Graphics.

*You can now rent or buy American Autumn: An OccuDoc on iTunes!

*Check out what Variety and The New York Times had to say about the movie.

I designed and implemented a complete graphics package including lower thirds, opening titles, end credits and a series of text-based animations for this feature-length, indie documentary about the Occupy movement. You can see the animations and excerpts from the movie on my vimeo page.

Founding member of the bands Minor Threat and Fugazi,  Ian MacKaye contributed several songs to the movie including the song, “Greed” from Fugazi’s, Repeater album which we used in the trailer.

Director/Producer: Dennis Trainor, Jr.

Documentary Film, Hunting in Wartime: Titles + Animation

Hunting in Wartime is the latest documentary film from director, Samantha Farinella.

Role: Titles, Animation, Color Correction, UpRes, Poster, DVD Case.

Director: Samantha Farinella
Editor: Erin Greenwell


Music Video, Peaches – I Mean Something: Color Grade

Role: Color grade w James Russo.

“I Mean Something” A celebration of intergenerational badass feminine power, featuring The Legends of Burlesque, a rad women skate crew, roller derby babes, and Snatchpower, (Afrofuturistic feminist artist collective Straight Outta The L.A. Underground), take over the historical Pink Motel in LA for an ultimate pool party.

Artist: Peaches (Featuring Feist)
Director: Silas Howard
Cinematographer: Dagmar Weaver-Madsen
Editor: Amy Von Harrington
Camera: ARRI Amira

Social Media: Mass Mutual

A series of social media pieces created for Mass Mutual at Giant Spoon, NYC showcasing various stories of mutuality.

Director: Jocelyn RC

Creative Producer: Korina Palermo





Documentary Film, Left Lane: Trailer

Role: Edit, Color Correction, and Graphics for trailer.

Director: Samantha Farinella

Trailer for award winning documentary film, Left Lane from director Samantha Farinella.

Music Video, Justin Vivian Bond – Golden Age of Hustlers: Color + Titles

Role: Color grade and end credits.

“Golden Age of Hustlers” captures the 1970’s gay hustler scenes of pre-HIV/AIDS era on Polk St. in San Francisco from an insider’s experience.

Artist: Mx. Justin Vivian Bond
Song by: Bambi Lake
Co-Directors: Silas Howard & Erin Greenwell
Cinematographer: PJ Raval
Editor: Janis Vogel
Camera: ARRI Alexa

Documentary Film, Wounds of Waziristan: Color, Titles, Animation, Trailer

Role (Film): Color correction/color grade and motion graphics

Role (Trailer): Color correction/color grade, motion graphics, and edit

Wounds of Waziristan highlights the stories of those directly impacted by drone attacks in Pakistan–in their own words.

Since the drone attacks began in Pakistan in 2004, much of the focus has been on the technology. And, although the borderlands between Pakistan and Afghanistan are endlessly debated and declared upon by journalists and pundits, the ordinary people who actually live there are rarely heard from. Wounds of Waziristan records the voices of those who have been either labeled “militants,” or summarily dismissed as “collateral damage.”

Wounds of Waziristan is the first of 2 short documentaries we are producing as part of this project. These docs illustrate the heavy cost borne by those who happen to live on the front-lines of the American “war on terror.” They contest the claims of the Obama administration, and they contest that there is–or can be–anything like a “surgical” strike.

Directed by Madiha Tahir
Edited by Messiah Rhodes

Demo Reel: Editorial + Motion Graphics

Demo Reel


2018 Reel




Documentary Short, Hard Pressed: Edit, Color, Titles

Role: Motion graphics, edit, color grade

Shot with a small DSLR crew in Orlando, Florida.

About the Mama’s Sauce, The Letterpress Shop
Mama’s Sauce is a boutique print shop striving to keep tradition alive. Their work in the areas of letterpress and screen printing are what led us to them. We quickly came to find out that the way they do their work is as visually appealing as the prints themselves, lucky us. Shop owner, Nick Sambrato, walks us through their world as we make residence with them for days on end, and what our camera’s captured show that there isn’t a square inch of a traditional print shop lacking in visual appeal. Enjoy.


Roxy US Snowboard Team: Erin Comstock

Roxy US Snowboard Team: Eric Comstock

Roxyland Animation

2D/3D animation created in After Effects for Roxy

Roxy Underwater Animation

2D/3D animation created in After Effects for Roxy

Corporate Branding: Donzi, Go-Fasts!

Role: Edit & Titles

Donzi shows why going fast is so much fun.

Producer: Jamie Smith of Active Image Group

Roxy US Snowboard Team: Amber Stackhouse

Roxy US Snowboard Team: Amber Stackhouse

Simrad Logo Animation

Role: Graphic Design

Cool logo animation for Simrad

Producer: Jamie Smith of Active Image Group

Nike Hyperdunk – Big Stuff

Nike Hyperdunk – Big Stuff

Roxy US Snowboard Team: Kjersti Buaas

Roxy US Snowboard Team, Kjersti Buaas

Roxy US Surf Team

A minute and a half of fun with the Roxy US Surf team

Florida Travel + Life TV: Space Coast Sizzle

Florida Travel + Life TV: Space Coast Sizzle

Produced by James Russo of Active Image Group.

On Air Graphics Package: Best of the Caribbean

Role: Design Complete On-Air Graphics Package

Best of the Caribbean, On Air Graphics Package: Locator Map

Produced by James Russo of Active Image Group for Bonnier TV.

BoatingLAB Motion Graphics

BoatingLAB graphic design and motion graphics

Producer: Jamie Smith of Active Image Group

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